Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Christian persecution, part 2: The spread of evil continues

Christians are being crucified. People are being buried alive. Children are getting decapitated and then their heads are posted on sign posts. The radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is promising more of this not just in Iraq, and not just against Christians, but for the whole world and all non-Muslims. 

The media refuses to recognize the depth of radical Islamic evil because our anti-American, anti-Christian president, Barack Obama, has advanced a politically correct speech code that refuses to come anywhere close to identifying the real nature of radical Islam - or the fact that it is at war with everyone. Obama also said the war in Iraq was over so if he now announces there is a problem since removing the stabilizing US troops there, it makes his foreign policy look as pathetic as it actually is. So what does he do? He goes on another one of his luxury vacations on the taxpayer dime.

But Obama burying his head in the sand (or should we say his golf club in the sand trap) doesn't change the very real and very, very frightening fact that radical Islam intends to take down the entire Middle East and when they do, they will then set their aim on Europe and America, where they have promised to raise their flag over the White House.

Do people realize what this means? It means radical Islam intends to kill Americans on American soil. It is not a political issue that can be handled with diplomacy. These people are out for blood and nothing will stop them except unequivocal, strong leadership. No doubt, the USA needs to get in the game and recognize the evil at hand. 

Unfortunately our own supposed leader is not only missing in action, but by his general silence and by his absolutely disastrous foreign policy, he is allowing the evil to spread. 

Obama, meanwhile, golfs and attends fundraisers. Obama supporters, if not for the love of your country, then for the love of your loved ones, wake up.

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