Friday, August 1, 2014

Coming to America: the Ebola virus -- by personal invitation of the president

Yesterday a long-range business jet with an isolation pod left the United States for Liberia, where it will bring back two Americans infected with Ebola.

Upon getting wind of this decision by the Obama Administration, Twitter exploded with questions about the deadly virus, which according to the World Health Organization, is believed to have killed thousands in four West African nations, is extremely contagious, and has a 50-90% mortality rate. In particular, reaction to news that two infected Americans would soon be on their way back to the United States included the simple but on-point question: "Why are they doing this?" 

Up until now, Ebola has never been detected in the United States, so why deliberately import it? It doesn't seem like the smartest way to treat the infection - especially with the US's new policy of open borders, which invites all kinds of diseases into our country. But to purposely bring it here? Maybe that explains why the CDC has dedicated 20 facilities across the nation as Ebola quarantine sites.

Something seems rotten in Denmark....well, in America, at least. Just what is President Obama up to this time? No doubt, though, that those of us who question the president's motive will be branded as cold, heartless and of course, racist. It doesn't matter to his blind followers that contagious disease itself is completely lacking in prejudice. It will take hold of anyone it gets near, black, white, conservative and liberal. This is not a move that's in the best interest of any American citizen, so yes, the question is valid, "Why is President Obama doing this?"

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