Wednesday, August 20, 2014

As promised, ISIS now beheading Americans -- while Obama golfs

"We will not stop until we quench our thirst for your blood." This heart-freezing quote from an ISIS member -- the evil radical Islamo-fascist group perpetrating genocide on the world -- should open all eyes that have been shut up until now regarding the brand of evil we are dealing with.

In addition to the women and young girls being raped, peaceful citizens being literally dragged from their homes under threat of death if they don't convert to Islam, and children being beheaded and having their heads propped up on sticks, now the vicious, diabolical ISIS has beheaded American journalist and Christian James Foley. Then again, killing Americans is precisely what ISIS has promised.

In the video posted Tuesday on YouTube, Foley is seen kneeling next to a man dressed in black. Foley reads a message forced on him by his captors that says "America" is his real killer. He is also heard saying, "I wish I had more time. I wish I could have the hope for freedom to see my family once again." He is then shown being slowly beheaded.

We cannot ignore the genocide being perpetrated against Christians by radical Islam - which includes ISIS, Hamas, al Qaeda, etc. -- just like we could not ignore the genocide by the Nazis in the Holocaust. If anyone thinks there is a difference, they are wrong, except for the fact that radical Islam promises to come to America to carry out its holocaust here as well.

In fact, not since Hitler has the world faced such vicious evil. The horrors taking place are too heinous to believe that diplomacy will work. It won't. These evildoers simply must be stopped with whatever force it takes to get the job done.

In addition, every American needs to shake off his or her moral ambiguity on the issue and stand up loudly against this atrocity. Sign petitions, donate to,, write letters to your editors, talk to every citizen you meet on the street, and relentlessly call your legislators to voice your outrage and concern. Whatever it takes.

After Foley's decapitation, President Obama had to be persuaded to interrupt his exclusive Martha Vineyard vacation to address the situation. What we got was a limp-wristed admonition to the murderers. Obama said what ISIS is doing is bad, but he said nothing about finding the heinous beings who decapitated Foley. He said nothing about unleashing American power upon them to stop this evil once and for all. He said nothing about shutting our borders to keep these vicious murderers from carrying out their promise to kill on American soil, and raise their flag over the White House.

Obama's rhetoric was properly disapproving of ISIS. But it will take more than rhetoric to stop ISIS. It takes leadership - leadership we simply do not have in our president. What we have is a president who encourages hopelessness, anger and despair among Americans, and who exudes indifference in the face of crisis. In fact, upon concluding his speech on Foley -- and that's all it was - a meaningless speech -- Obama returned to his cushy vacation.

Think about it. An American had his head slowly sliced off with a knife, on video, and our president did not see that worth suspending his vacation. Even the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, suspended his vacation and returned to Downing Street upon learning of Foley's decapitation. Not Obama. Instead, videos caught him laughing, smoking a cigar and fist-bumping with his golf partner soon after he delivered his pathetic press conference on Foley. Obama's lack of heart is as disgusting as radical Islam's actions are reprehensible.

This is my third post in a row on this topic because of the depth of seriousness of this issue. If you do not see the horror and utter danger of what is unfolding here, and the larger implications at hand, if you still advocate open borders, then you truly need to do your homework and take the veil from your eyes. These people are fighting against innocent Christians in Iraq, against Americans, against everything civil, against everything Western -- and they are out for blood.

Yet we have a coldly detached president who is on the golf course as we speak. A president who showed more concern for suspected defector Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl than he has for Mr. Foley. This situation - the genocide and our inhumane president -- is extremely serious, and while prayer is essential, action is even more critical, lest this mass genocide continue and spread. As I said earlier, we need to stop this evil and exert whatever force it takes. Unfortunately, I don't get the feeling that our own president is on board with the idea. He's too busy fist-bumping with his golf buddies.

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  1. Thank you, Julie. I am heartsick over this. The whole situation. I don't know what's worth - the genocide or having a president who just is too cold and soul-less to give a flip, beyond just enough to supposedly appease people. Your'e right - we need to pray AND take action.

  2. and yet dimwits still support Obama. they think he is for the 'little guy'. But he is for himself and his agenda only. If he cared he would demand our borders be closed - or at least he would get off the **&#! golf course for appearances sake if nothing else out of respect for Foley. Shameless.