Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Historic blizzard" is easier to take than hysterical bureaucrats

Millions of people in New York City couldn’t get to work last night or this morning because of New York Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor DiBlasio’s hysterical knee-jerk reaction to a storm that hadn’t even taken place yet. An 11 p.m. mandatory curfew imprisoned free citizens in their homes. Shut down subways stranded them wherever they were and prevented many from getting to work. Of course, they weren’t allowed to go to work, and DiBlasio made the blowhard announcement that if he heard of any employers “mistreating their employees the wrong way” by forcing them to “risk their lives” in this biblical storm, they would hear from the government. Congratulations, NYC, you elected a dictator for mayor.

Meanwhile, Bridgeport, CT Mayor Bill Finch drooled thanks to Al Sharpton for his willingness to “fight the good fight on climate change,” because “we’re obviously seeing crazy climate here now.” 

Um, it’s January. It’s winter. And we’re talking about the Northeast. The biblical storm that gave government its gall to control private citizens produced anywhere from about four inches to a foot or so of snow in most places. As if we have never had snow like that before.

But politicians want to exploit normal weather to further their agenda on climate change. Never mind that climate has been changing back and forth since climate existed. But these yahoos want to blame it on humans, and therefore, by golly, they’ll punish humans when it snows by telling them they cannot be outside, they cannot work, they cannot live their lives freely.

I shudder to think of what will happen when these profoundly idiotic politicians and media fools learn that humans exhale about 100 times more carbon poison than we inhale. How soon before they start mandating we all hold our breath during certain times of the day. Worse, how soon before they really step up their efforts to promote (demand) more abortion and euthanasia out of concern for the environment? It’s happening elsewhere in the world for that very reason, and groups like the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement are advocating precisely what the title implies.

What these arrogant politicians need is a reminder about what our country stands for. In America, you let people decide if they want to go in the snow or not. You let Americans decide if they want to try to get to work or not. You don’t order them prisoners of their own homes and then shut down the subway systems so they have no way of getting to work anyway. How many millions of dollars were lost in wages, revenue and other economic activity because of politicians' profound desire to control people?

This goes beyond just merely being an example of idiotic, over-reacting nanny state bureaucrats. These politicians used a typical snowstorm to shut down the entire northeast, including the largest city in the country so they could "dodge a bullet." If they can do this for a typical storm, they can do this for any reason. They can ban driving on a day they feel there is too much pollution in the air, or because it is too hot and they “need” to keep cars off the road to reduce temperatures. 

By caving into the politicians – who, as a reminder, were put in office to serve us, not control us, we are allowing a very wide berth for future demands on our freedoms by the people we elected to serve us.

If the political nitwits want to issue warnings, that’s fine. “You might get stranded in the snow, so beware.” But to tell private American citizens they must stay home, miss work, agree to forfeit their freedoms because of potential snow is preposterous, and to be honest, a disturbing sign of just how out of control – and controlling – government has become and will continue to be unless we demand a check be put on its power.

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