Saturday, January 17, 2015

John Kerry's moronic display in Paris an embarrassment to the US

As if President Obama's failure to join world leaders in denouncing terrorism following the massacres in France last week wasn't bad enough, enter Secretary of State John Kerry.

In a pathetic attempt to make up for the Obama administration's no-show diss of France and terrorism in general, Kerry made a belated appearance to appease France and the world in response to the negative outcry Obama is receiving for not showing any acknowledgment of the gravity of Islamist terror in our world.

It's bad enough that Kerry tried to show solidarity with France after the fact to convey America's supposed values, when he or our president should have been there when world leaders first linked arms in solidarity against terrorism. But it gets worse. He told France he wanted to give them a big hug.

"My visit to France is basically to share a big hug for Paris and express the affection of the American people for France and for our friends there who have been through a terrible time," Kerry driveled, evoking God only knows what kind of response from the people witnessing this.

But wait, it gets even worse than that. Kerry then trotted out the gentle guitar-strumming James Taylor to serenade the Parisians with the syrupy, "You've Got a Friend." Seriously....gag me.

Fanatical terrorist murderers are on the loose. They have declared war on freedom across Europe and in America, and are making good on their promise to kill anyone who does not share their beliefs. I'm sure it gives great encouragement to the terrorists to learn that America's response to terrorism entails little more than a hug and a guitar.

I love my country, but I am ashamed of our supposed leaders. As for France being offered Kerry's friendship, you know what they say, "With friends like that....", well, you know the rest.

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