Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama's approach to terrorism: Release terrorists from jail

In the wake of deadly Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris last week, what does President Barack Obama do (besides blowing off France -- and terrorism -- by not attending the anti-terrorism rally in Paris last week)? He releases five more prisoners from Guantanamo.

It's time to call a spade a spade. Either the president is on the side of terrorism or he lacks anything even resembling common sense. Of course he will, along with Eric Holder, try to make this look like the America he believes in is all about fair play. 

But this is not fair play. It is the president unfairly playing with our safety, and it is a slap in the face of justice. These men should have been brought to trial, and if convicted sentenced. They are not POW's who can be released after a truce has been signed. They are not petty thieves of convenience stores. They are not professional soldiers accused of some transgression. They are cold-blooded killers who want Americans and other citizens of the West dead.

Despite how the liberal media Obama-sycophants are portraying this as being some act of humanity - one that will appease terrorists to the point that they will reject their terrorist inclinations -- the truth is our president released terrorists who are just as, if not more, vile than those who killed dozens of people in France, so that they can continue their deadly jihad in Europe and in America. At one point, we will not be able to deny the blood on Obama's hands.

At the same time our president releases hardened illegal alien criminals (ostensibly to go to Estonia, as if they will be controlled there) he thumbs his nose when it comes to protecting our borders, in fact, he even jokes about it. The other day he was laughing to a crowd of his groupies about how we crazy Americans want to build a moat around our country and populate it with alligators. He said we'll never be satisfied no matter what he does to protect us. 

How would he know we won't be satisfied no matter what, since he's done nothing to protect us at all? As it stands, Obama's policy against terrorism is to allow any Tom, Dick or Terrorist who wants to come to America to inflict upon us whatever horror they choose. But why should we hope Obama would change his open border policy when he thinks holding terrorists in jail is wrong?

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