Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time for LGBT community to recognize real hatred

After unleashing the worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11, the Orlando terrorist's terrorism was, not surprisingly, watered down by the Left in favor of another culprit: gun violence. Of course, liberals are blaming guns because they don’t have anything else to blame. The shooter was a fundamentalist Islamist, as he himself admitted in one of his calls to 911 that day, and his actions were nothing less than a brutal act of terrorism.

However, the Left cannot acknowledge such a thing because they refuse to identify the enemy. President Obama could barely contain himself in his press briefing earlier today as he mocked those of us who demand we recognize Islamist terrorists as a very real and deadly problem.

Obama tried to tell us today that we are winning the war against ISIS/radical Islam, while saying the real problem we need to address is anti-muslim sentiments and the availability of assault guns. 

Our president either has no idea or is simply unconcerned with the fact that we are dealing with an ideology that isn’t just religious, but political and cultural. As for whether the Orlando terrorist specifically targeted a "gay bar" or chose it randomly, Obama doesn't seem to see or care about the connection that some in the Middle East --in the name of Islam -- do routinely execute homosexuals by various means, including tossing them off buildings with their arms tied behind their backs.

In other words, if the Orlando shooter's target wasn’t random but chosen because it was a club full of individuals whom he believed should be put to death, then obviously this was not a random act of violence. This was not a “mass-shooting” in the way of Sandy Hook. This was not a “hate crime” in the typical sense of the phrase. This was an act of war against western culture by a very different, radical, deadly ideology.

Still, posts on social media keep repeating the same wrong notion: That this wasn’t because of "radical Islam", it was an act of hate. But if that's all it was, then it was an act of hate because of the terrorist's ideology that taught him to hate homosexuals (and for the record, I am not saying all Muslims hate homosexuals or support putting them to death. I am saying to pay attention to a certain established radical Islamist ideology regarding treatment of homosexuals).

While so many on the Left continue pointing fingers at Christians, accusing us of being hateful bigots toward the LGBT community, they remain silent about a culture that actually does exhibit hate toward homosexuals, as exhibited by the fact that in some Middle Eastern countries, homosexuals are put to death for the stated crime of being gay.

Ted Cruz put it very well when he said: “For all the Democrats who are loud champions of the gay and lesbian community whenever there is a culture battle waging, now is the opportunity to speak out against an ideology that calls for the murder of gays and lesbians. ISIS and the theocracy in Iran (supported with American taxpayer dollars) regularly murder homosexuals, throwing them from buildings and burying them under rocks. This is wrong, it is evil, and we must all stand against it…

If you’re a Democratic politician and you really want to stand for LGBT, show real courage and stand up against the vicious ideology that has targeted our fellow Americans for murder.”

Yet while the Left continues to claim it is the champion of the LGBT community, they blatantly ignore who the real enemy is. Hint: It's not Christians.

As for “sensible gun control”, other than complete confiscation, there is very little that can be done to control guns. How many times does it need to be stated that people intent on killing do not obey laws. The only thing gun control will accomplish is leaving law-abiding Americans unarmed in the face of terror.

We need to get real, as uncomfortable as it may be, and point the finger where it belongs. Burying our heads in the sand so we don't have to see reality will eventually invite that reality to come crashing down all around us. It's already begun, of course. 

The question is, at what point is our politically correct society willing to extract itself from the sand and acknowledge the hard, cold fact: Terrorists want us dead - all of us. It's time we all - homosexual, straight, liberal, conservative, ban together to defeat the real enemy. Turning on each other leads to nothing but our own peril. 


  1. I find you very harsh and your comparisons descusting. I have read what you write in this paper long enough to realize the hate and condemnation you and your band of do-gooders spread with a sugar coating of religious concern . It's just as damaging as the Pasters from obscure churches in America, 700 club included, refering to LGBTQ as pedophiles. Your friend Paul takes pleasure in this comparison. These so called Pasters feel no remorse for the dead in Orlando, instead wishing more pedophiles could have been killed. Making the world of all things a better place.

    Your comments and those of your group influence people, just like the killer of 49 people last Sunday morning in Orlando FL, was influenced by his brand of religion. Refiring to ISIS Muslims as extreamist is stupid. The way they believe was adapted by themselves and is not practiced by main stream Muslims. The way they act is not practiced by any faith but theirs. They hijacked the Muslim faith so to speak. If you see this man, this killer, as a Muslim Extremist then that makes you a Christian Extremist by trying to say your religion is the only way religion should be. And LGBTQ people must fall in line, stop being homosexual and believe as you do or be condemned. That's what the killer was saying, if we can't stop being gay we should die. All of us will die, even me.

    And in the coming days it will become all too clear that it was the guilt that drove him to this hanis act. Guilt of being gay and seeing how his messed up religion handles homosexuals. He took 49 others with him on his
    way to paradise as they put it. Leaving a wife he never wanted and a child he didn't respect.

  2. Sir, you are confused. First, you completely repeat and confirm what Julie is saying in her post when you say: “in the coming days it will become all too clear that it was the guilt that drove him to this hanis (sic) act. Guilt of being gay and seeing how his messed up religion handles homosexuals.” Bingo!!! It is exactly what Julie just said, yet you are mad at her for saying it. How can you acknowledge the Muslim religion has a messed up (deadly) attitude toward homosexuals, and then try to attack Julie for pointing out the same truth. You contradict yourself. Also, you should keep in mind a key difference between the Muslim faith and Christianity is that one faith calls for death to people, and one calls for us to love one another. While ISIS may not be officially “Muslim”, they are citing the Muslim tenet of death to apostates (anyone who doesn’t believe their faith). In striking contrast, Jesus never told anyone to kill anyone in His name. Jesus asks us to love one another as we love ourselves, and in that love to reject sin, and practice the act of mercy that we should admonish others' sins so as to SAVE them. If you want to reject Christ's teachings and just be a "Christian" by your own (not Christ's) standards that you pick and choose, you are not actually Christian (which literally means to follow Christ’s teachings…not pick and choose which ones are most pleasing and convenient for you) and by picking and choosing which sins you want to continue living, you are unfortunately condemning your own soul. Christians like Julie would encourage you to reject sin to save yourself – that is an act of love, not hate. She and any other real Christian would never say you should die (you are taking care of that for your own soul by sinning against God and any "pastor" who says homosexuals should die is not a real Christian - but the Muslim Imam did instruct that putting homosexuals to death is the "compassionate" thing to do.) It is the Muslim teachings that are influencing people to kill, not Christian teachings. One thing you and all liberals need to, but refuse to do, is to key in on the most important issue at play here. Mateen was a Muslim who hated homosexuals because his religious beliefs told him to – just as you yourself point out. End of story. Christians do not share that hatred. And bottom line, the massacre is not simply an attack just on the LGBT community — it’s an assault on every American. Our political differences may keep us divided but the truth is that the Muslim terrorist threat wants us all dead…gay, straight, white, black, conservative, liberal, Christians, Jews, atheists, etc. You, our political leaders, and the pundits in the media would do well to remember this. Look at the laws on the books of Muslim countries: the penalty for homosexuality is often death. That is not ISIS. That is Muslim Sharia Law. Show us where death to homosexuals is anywhere on the books in America or any Bible. You can't pin this on Christians as much as you would love to do so. By doing that, you are missing the real actual threat right in front of your face – the same threat Julie points out here that you attack her for doing. You can’t even see that she is actually on your side in terms of wanting you and all Americans to be safe. It’s as if you are so blinded by your own hatred for Julie that you can’t even see the love that she exhibits by trying to point out the truth.

    1. And by the way, Julie never once mentioned Muslims in her article above. She only refers to ISIS and radical Islam ideology, so you are mad at her for something she never even stated - there were no "descusting" comparisons in the first place. Do you actually read what she writes or so mad at her from the get-go that you don't even pay attention to what she is actually writing?

    2. You hit the nail on the head many times, Dan, but your final statement highlights a major problem:

      “Do you actually read what she writes or so mad at her from the get-go that you don’t even pay attention to what she is actually writing?”

      Mark Cichewicz is always seething with anger whenever he encounters anything even remotely critical of the LGBT lifestyle, which means that what’s written is most often ignored if the writer is already categorized as “anti-LGBT”. Sadly, you’re seeing the effects of a heart that has hardened itself toward God and toward His Word.

    3. Hi Paul - I am beginning to see it. Some people aren't interested in the truth, period, if it means they might have to reassess themselves in an honest light. How right you are.

  3. We have to get over our hang-up about profiling Muslims. The jihadists bent on terrorizing us have some obvious commonalities that the political and cultural establishment has continually asked us to ignore. Like it or not, Florida's gay nightclubs are going to be giving that grim-faced Pakistani who shows up at the door a slightly longer pat-down.