Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A woman president at any cost?

A female acquaintance of mine mentioned recently that she is supporting Hillary Clinton for president because "it's time we have a woman for president." My question is, why do we need a woman for president? Are today's women in such need of validation that they would support any female for president despite how corrupt and dishonest she is? How would having a female president change any woman's life? And how could a woman as dishonest and corrupt as Hillary Clinton be any kind of positive role model for women?

Of course when I asked this woman what she thought about how Hillary Clinton treated the 12 year-old rape victim, or what she thought of Clinton accepting millions of dollars from Middle Eastern countries that disrespect and abuse women, the money laundering she orchestrated through her husband's speaking engagements, or what she thought about Hillary's severe national security breach with her personal email server, or Hillary's cold dismissal of concerned family members of the murdered victims in Benghazi, the woman had no clue of these things.

But hey, as long as we have a female president, this acquaintance of mine is convinced her life will be better. She is not aware of Hillary's promise to raise taxes (or that, as US Senator, Hillary voted twice to raise taxes on the middle class). This woman is not aware that Hillary promises to silence all religious objection to morally reprehensible actions like abortion and euthanasia. This woman is not aware of Hillary's refusal to support closing our borders against vicious terrorists, or that Hillary, as president, would likely be recommending Supreme Court justices based on her personal ideology rather than their adherence to the Constitution. 

But she is convinced our country needs her and that women, in particular, need her. The conversation with this woman reminded me of something I have repeatedly noticed over the years: whenever I meet someone who is completely uninformed about things they always default to the Democrat/left side of the political aisle. I have never met an ignorant person who defaults to the conservative side. 

Typical of Hillary supporters, this particular woman was well versed in the pro-Hillary pop-media soundbites but woefully uninformed about the real Hillary. I personally have no problem with a female president - but I don't need a woman president, and if we do ever get one, I do care about what kind of person she is. How sad that so many women have been convinced that they need validation as women at all, let alone validation by the unfortunate likes of Hillary Clinton.


  1. So Julie...who are you voting for?

  2. So Julie...who are you voting for?

  3. Julie, as usual you've described the situation with Hillary and the presidency perfectly. Also, you are so right that many Liberals are uninformed of the issues and recall only advertised sound bites. I've often noted that when liberals respond to your blogs, they completely miss the point of your message. Please keep up your good work.