Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Abortion fans OK with harmful-to-women ruling in TX

Live Action News reports that "the pro-abortion lobby is celebrating the Supreme Court ruling yesterday which struck down Texas’ HB2, which allowed the state to regulate abortion facilities (kind of like what is required for dentists, or foot surgeons, or anyone who will be touching you). But according to abortion fans, this is great news for women, for one reason alone: in their minds, it will increase the number of abortions in Texas. For pro-abortion extremists, that is all that matters.

First of all, what is the Supreme Court doing in interfering with state law that has nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution. Demanding that any surgical facility be clean is not a violation of the Constitution. The overreach of the Supreme Court should be alarming enough. But to the people cheering the Court on, it doesn’t matter whether or not abortion is safe. It doesn’t matter if the woman undergoing an abortion is having rusty equipment inserted into her body. No, all of that is acceptable, as long as the abortion will still take place.

Make no mistake: the position of the pro-abortion lobby is clearly that an unsafe abortion is better than no abortion at all. From their actions, it appears that they would rather see women maimed or killed in botched abortions at the hands of abortionists in shoddy clinics than they would keep these women safe. And that’s what overturning this ruling does: it makes abortion less safe.

In other words, the Supreme Court has just ruled against women (and women who say they are pro-woman are hysterically happy about it). 

The entire issue with abortion regulations could arguably be traced to Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell killed babies after birth by snipping their necks. He killed at least two women. More were injured, although how many more may not ever be known. Women claim to have been forced into abortions at his hands. His clinic was disgusting, with flea-infested cats roaming the facility, leaving feces everywhere. Women were found barely conscious, moaning, on battered old recliners covered in blood-stained blankets. Jars filled with the severed feet of babies Gosnell had murdered were on display. When Gosnell butchered the abortion of Karnamaya Mongar, paramedics had trouble finding her, because the clinic was a veritable maze of hallways and doors. And once they finally did recover her, they struggled to get her out quickly, because the gurney could not fit through Gosnell’s narrow hallways.

How was this allowed to happen? Simple: for decades, authorities looked the other way. The reason why was disturbing. First was pro-abortion politics. Authorities were more concerned with abortion access than they were with women’s safety. 

The second reason was Gosnell’s clientele. The women Gosnell serviced were overwhelmingly poor women of color. It was easy to look the other way when, to authorities, these weren’t women who mattered.

After Gosnell, increased abortion regulations began to be implemented, and with good reason. It was gradually discovered that abortion facilities across the country were operating in shoddy conditions. Tanning salons, veterinary clinics, tattoo parlors, fast food restaurants — these are a few examples of businesses that were inspected more often than abortion clinics were.

Pro-abortion activists say that abortion needs to be legal so that it can be safe — to end the back-alley abortions they claim happened before Roe v. Wade was passed. Yet now, they’ve completely abandoned all pretense of keeping abortion safe. The only thing they seem to care about is keeping it legal… and that is bad news for women. It doesn’t help them; it hurts them.

Unfortunately there are Gosnells operating across the country. One of them is in Texas, an abortionist named Douglas Karpen, who has been under investigation for infanticide. Multiple Texas abortion facilities have records of serious health and safety violations.

For instance, it’s no surprise that Whole Woman’s Health fought Texas' proposed standards so much, considering their own history of health violations, including rusty and unsanitary equipment, surgical instruments that were not properly sterilized, expired and improperly labeled medications, EKG machines and defibrillators that did not work, and more.

These aren’t the only shoddy abortionists. LeRoy Carhart, Steven Chase Brigham, Nicola Riley, Harold Alexander, James Scott Pendergraft, Earl McLeod, Mandy Gittler… all of these, and many more, have risked the health of women and some have even been responsible for their deaths.

Substandard has become “the norm” for abortion facilities
Any other ambulatory surgical clinic would not be allowed to operate under the kinds of conditions found in abortion facilities. Hospital admitting privileges? Even the abortion industry used to insist upon them. But now politics has become more important than bare minimum standards of safety.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, abortion is now even less safe, and just like with Gosnell before, it’s the poor, minority women of Texas who will be the ones at risk. Wealthy women can afford to go to a "reputable clinic", with or without these regulations in place. Without them, though, poor women will be forced to take whatever care they can find, and who is it that preys on women at their most desperate and vulnerable? The shoddy abortionists like Kermit Gosnell.

The Supreme Court has just abandoned these women, has just announced that they do not deserve a facility that is held to the same standards as other surgical ambulatory centers. They do not deserve to know that the person they are trusting is reliable and trustworthy. Instead, they have to just pray that the equipment being used on them is not rusty. They have to hope that if something goes wrong, their abortionist will cooperate with emergency medical providers, as opposed to dumping them at the local emergency room.

Some people believe abortion should be legal, and that easy access is important, but that’s an entirely separate debate. Because regardless of whether or not you think abortion should be legal, for those of you who are for abortion, don't you at least feel it should be safe? (for the mother, that is...of course it is never safe for the baby). 

Yet abortion advocates who feel they are so enlightened and liberated have become slaves to the abortion industry, so much so that they are willing to compromise women’s safety as long as it means that abortion will be more widespread. 

The only people who win here are those in the abortion industry itself, who can now line their pockets with money without having to worry about women’s safety and the costs it would take to update their clinics to clean, sterile standards. It doesn’t matter how many women they maim or butcher or infect— the Supreme Court will protect the abortionists - not the women the profit off of.

And no matter what abortion activists say, that will never be good for women."


  1. if it was pro life people who didn't want safer conditions for women getting abortions we would be called horrible hateful anti woman people. but it is the ones who say they are for women and for abortion who think they deserve filthy unsafe conditions. maybe it is a deep down guilt that makes them feel this way. these abortion supporters are so blinded by evil they can't even see that they are supporting evil by wanting women to be as much at risk of death as the unborn baby is. just terrible.

    1. And yet pro-lifers who are calling for safer conditions for women are still called hateful. The abortion side has zero credibility on anything. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Liberals, abortion doctors, hillary, none of them care about women. they care about two things: money and power. Women are their pawns. Women need to wake up. so does every man who is falling for this junk too.

  3. Your sick...No one is a "abortion fan". No one wants to see a mother come to this desion. In all cases a pains taking desion. And you make light of it. Just as the people you support, you condemn and restrict and help take the free will God grants Us all. This is a personal desion and in no way your business. Not when you attack refiring to us as fans of abortion.