Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7 Reasons Trump is the Only Viable Option*

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In full disclosure, I voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries. I was not a Trump supporter. As things now stand, I realize that there are those who are trying to wrest the nomination from Trump. This will only mean that we will get the evil of an Establishment Republican or most likely Hillary in November. There will be a rebellion of Trump supporters and anti-Establishment Republican voters.

Why do I believe Trump is a viable option? First, he’s not Hillary Clinton. The Clintons have deep political ties in the media, the Democrat Party, and foreign countries. Trump does not. The Clinton foundation has been paid tens of millions of dollars for political favors ( with many of those dollars coming illegally from foreign countries, including those countries who embrace Sharia Law, and hence the mistreatment of women and homosexuals).

Second, the Democrats and Establishment Republicans despise Trump. They would serve as a check on any outrageous policies he might propose. This would not be the case with Hillary. Democrats would almost unanimously support her while a fair number of left-of-center Republicans would join them.

Third, Hillary would extend the policies of President Obama. It would mean more abortions, more restrictions on religious liberty, more illegal aliens, more gun control, more taxes, more spending. Just put the word “more” before anything Obama has done, and do it for at least four years.

Fourth, Hillary would extend the eight-year judicial nomination process begun by Obama and extend it another four years, maybe eight. She would most likely nominate two new justices from the shaky conservative side of the Supreme Court. Democrat appointees almost always vote liberal, while Republican nominees can’t always be trusted (e.g., Roberts and Kennedy). With two more Democrat appointees, there will be no way to stop an unconstitutional Supreme Court from ruling unconstitutionally and Congress doing nothing about it.

Fifth, Bill Clinton will return to the White House. Hillary accuses conservatives of engaging in a “war on women” but Bill Clinton is the perpetrator of that war. It’s shocking that so many so-called feminists are “With Her” when a number of women have come forward accusing her husband of rape.

Sixth, like Obama, Hillary is an Islamist apologist. Huma Abedin is a Muslim insider who is “the co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and a person likely to have significant influence in a Hillary Clinton White House. Huma Abedin has had murky associations in the past with the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, which not only is a radical Islamist group in its own right but, as Breitbart has reported, was ‘located in the offices of Saudi Arabia’s Muslim World League.’” 

Seventh, a warning from Murray N. Rothbard originally published in 1994: “Now obviously, and of course, a lot of this is Hillary’s drive to “reinvent” herself, that is, to create a duplicitous false image, to make herself less threatening to the angry American public. And surely the late-nineteenth-century Social Gospelers would be horrified at the current multi-gendered, condomaniacal Clintonian left, to say nothing of the rapid revolving of poor John Wesley in his eighteenth-century English grave. But there is definitely a direct line of descent from the Methodist Social Gospelers of the nineteenth century to St. Hillary and the monstrous Clintonian left. Mix into ‘old-fashioned Methodism’ liberal doses of Marxism, the New Left, the pagan pantheist New Age, and the multicultural and sexual revolutions, stir briskly, and you get the current ruling horror that we all face, and are trying to roll back out of our lives. We face, in short, regardless of what hairdo or persona she affects next week, the evil Witch in the White House.” 

Donald Trump may not be the best of political candidates, but Hillary Clinton most certainly is the worst.

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  1. If elected this November and I doute it very much. We will watch this man fall on his face pulling this country into utter disgrace. I will hold you accountable just as you have disrespected the office of the president for the last 12 years.

    1. Can you set your anger aside for just ten seconds to allow yourself to think clearly? Do you see the “Reposted from” at the top and bottom of the blog? And exactly how do you intend to hold Trump supporters “accountable”? Your anger isn’t even allowing you to get the facts straight - “last 12 years”? Obama has been President for almost 8 years, not 12 (Bush was President prior to Obama), and conservatives have many issues with Obama and NOT with the “office of the president”. Do you understand the distinction?

      This particular blog wasn’t written by Julie (and that’s OK, Mark, she’s allowed to post from other websites) but it’s spot-on. If Hillary becomes President, we’ll see a continuation of the same ridiculous and dangerous policies that we’ve seen with Obama. Why elect a President who can’t understand that a pregnant woman is actually carrying a living human being, that marriage can only be one man/one woman, that tighter gun-control laws won’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals, that we have a huge problem with ISLAMIC terrorism, that “income inequality” will never be resolved with higher taxes and wealth redistribution, etc., etc.?

      I’m not a huge Donald Trump fan (I was also a Ted Cruz supporter), but the writer is absolutely correct when he writes that “Hillary Clinton most certainly is the worst.”

  2. Ok I'll give you one Julie gets under my skin. It was only been 8 years since Obama has been in office. You also know her blog doesn't allow edits.

    We do not see eye to eye on almost everything including Julie. Her dislike for our president has been front and center during his term. She has little respect for him or the office he holds. Its her blog, her dime, and her opinion.

    You love her and that is just fine. But she dose not always say the truth. She does not come close to to any of my values and I disrespect her for the sick way she gets her point across. Most all liberals don't bother with her, her readers are all like you. Likeminded cynics. And do you think for a moment, Obama had any intent of taxing YOU more?

    1. We “do not see eye to eye” because we have opposing world views. As a Christian, I actually believe that Bible is the Word of God and therefore foundational to how we’re supposed to think and live. You do not. If you’d be honest with yourself, you’d see that that’s the root of the problem. Anyone who uses the Bible as the basis for sexual ethics will be marginalized and attacked by those who oppose those ethics.

      Secondly, can you provide specific examples (i.e. specific quotes) of Julie’s “sick way she gets her point across.”? If you make those types of accusations, be prepared to back them up otherwise you quickly lose all credibility with anyone reading your comments.

  3. Read her colunn from several years ago on establishing a dialog about gay marriage. One example, she quots findings from obscure places having nothing to do with this country or its principles. Check the archives of this paper. Of course I don't expect you to see my never give an inch.

    1. No, that’s a cop-out! YOU check the archives and YOU give me those specific examples of Julie’s “sick way she gets her point across”. YOU are the one making the accusations, not me. The fact is that you’re too lazy to look for those examples or, more likely, you realize that they don’t exist.

      The problem is that your hatred of anyone who speaks out against homosexuality automatically places their comments into the “hateful”, “sick”, “bigoted”, etc. categories. That’s why you’re unable to provide specific quotes. In your mind, if it’s critical of homosexuality, then it’s ALL “sick” and “hateful”. You’ve got to not only move beyond your hatred, but recognize that homosexuality is a sin that needs to be repented of, not promoted and glorified. Bible-believing Christians, and many conservatives, will never embrace homosexuality and will always be faithful in trying to reach those trapped in that lifestyle no matter how far our legislatures and courts will go in their efforts to sanitize that sin.

  4. 1.She had statistics from some ubscure country regarding marriage equality.
    2. It passed a lot of people off, far more comments for marriage equality then against.
    3. You denied me everything, my faith, my husband my life. Your not allowed. You have no right. More does she.
    4. I don't belong to your faith, rather than allowing me to have what faith I have, you try to denied me.
    5. I despise you and your actions.
    6. You may never embrace me, Your faction is so small it matters little to me.
    7. You can not, will not comprehend my gayness.
    8. Any conversation with you is pointless.