Friday, July 15, 2016

Thoughts are nice, but what we need is prayer

Another terrorist attack. This time at least 84 dead (as of now) in Nice, France, and dozens more injured. Now the media is instructing us to refrain from telling victims of terrorism that they are in our prayers. They prefer we just tell victims they are in our thoughts. It's more politically correct that way. But does it occur to any of them that years and years of pushing God out of our lives and out of our public square in the name of political correctness likely has a lot to do with why we are seeing such evil in our world? 

As for the evil of terrorism, we are dealing with fanatical factions of Islam who are totally against the legal and moral values of Western civilization, and who are willing to kill innocent children and adults throughout the world. I don't know about you, but my thoughts have no power over something like this. Only God does. Lifting ourselves up in prayer to God, the only One Who can change hearts is the best hope we have of eradicating evil. 

Yes we can bomb and shoot and contain these evildoers - and absolutely do need to take resolute, fierce action against this evil - but until conversion takes place, evil will continue to pop up everywhere. Further shunning God in these times is certainly not the answer. In fact, it would do us all good to remember that God is still in charge and we continue to be His hands and feet through prayer and living as witnesses of His love and peace. 

Telling the victims of terrorism that our thoughts are with them does the victims no good, nor can possibly change a terrorist's heart. In fact, it's part of the problem because it's just one more example of how a large swath of our politically correct society wants to bury its collective head in the sand and think that warm, fuzzy thoughts will fix things. On the contrary, not only do we need decisive, unapologetic action on the part of world leaders, we cannot lose sight of the fact that we must turn back to God, publicly acknowledge that we need Him now more than ever, and pray to Him for the conversion we so badly need.


  1. you are right. we ignore God and wonder why things are so bad and then we are afraid to do what needs to be done with action out of fear of offending some people. So here is what will happen next because of that:

    1. A lame hashtag will be set up by people who think taking action begins and ends in a re-tweet. (e.g. #StandWithNice and #JeSuisNice)

    2 .There will be some sort of solidarity march, some aimless gathering to make people feel good about not actually doing anything.

    3. World leaders will condemn the attack while simultaneously making sure never to mention wahabi islam and its main supporters. (done)

    4. The mainstream media will offer up a somber tone and recant tales of the lost lives of the innocent dead, but will simultaneously run small editorials by multiculturalist puritans who will tell us how although they are horrified by the attacks, their concerns now lie with the possible reprisals on muslims. (in progress)

    5. Reprisals will amount to someone throwing a bag of pork scratchings (pork fat) into a mosque parking lot and a muslim being called a terrorist on the subway.

    6. The media will begin running articles about how muslims feel unsafe in Europe because of our intolerance, we are tacitly reminded to feel bad about ourselves.

    7. We await the next attack.

  2. Well said, Julie! Conversion of the heart is what it’s all about.

    On the one hand, it’s perfectly normal, natural and right to be outraged at this type of evil, and military action is often needed (but often not taken) to deal with it. But on the other hand, the unregenerate world can’t understand the concept that a changed heart is the only real solution. It’s shortsighted to believe that any type of evil can be contained militarily or legislatively. We have plenty of laws prohibiting rape, murder, theft, etc. and yet we see no shortage of those types of crimes each and every day.

    Two thousand years ago, how many people were likely clamoring, wishing, even praying for the death of a guy named Saul of Tarsus who dragged Christians, both men and women, from their homes and into prison? But how much better off is the world today after God changed that man’s heart and used him for His Own glory and for the expansion of His kingdom?

    1. Even better put! Thank you, Paul - I hope you have been doing well! God bless you.