Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Michelle Obama's definition of greatness misses the mark

When First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention the other night, she was adamant about reminding us that we "don't need to make America great again, America is already the greatest nation on earth." Of course we cannot forget that she only first became proud to be an American when her husband was nominated as president in 2008. What did she feel about our great country before then? And if our country is so great, why did her husband feel the need to pledge to "fundamentally transform" it?

Then again, Barack Obama's success in doing just that - transforming America to something barely recognizable from our origin - could have to do with why Michelle feels it is such a great country now. On her husband's watch, America has millions and millions more people out of work, and hence, millions more on food stamps. Dependency creates loyal Democratic voters. 

We have completely open borders with pledges to bring in thousands of un-vetted Syrian refugees and other illegal immigrants who will be given the kind of perks that our own citizens could only dream about. Generous benefits creates loyal Democratic voters. Who cares about the dangers of terrorism as long as certain politicians get to be in power.

We have trashed traditional marriage, ushering in an unprecedented wave of special interest rights for certain groups over the rights of individuals. "You pat our back, we'll pat yours with our Democratic votes." 

We have completely lost our common sense about simple things like minimum wage - which was never meant to be a living wage for families, but rather stepping stone wages for new workers just starting out on their journey upward. But under Obama, it is a sad reality that so many people can only find minimum wage jobs, which are now being used as a point of false rhetoric on the need to raise wages, which only serves to reduce jobs. But it sounds good to promise more money to the masses as a way of encouraging them to vote for Democrats.

Unfortunately Ms. Obama misses the point of what makes a country great. It is not the trashing of morality and traditional institutions to benefit some over the many that makes a country great. It is not welfare dependency, unemployment benefits, recklessly open borders, unsustainable forced wages, or any other empty promise the Democrats propose to thrill the uninformed that makes a country great. 

But if these are the things that Ms. Obama and other Democrats feel define greatness, then we are a great country indeed. It's too bad though that this type of "greatness" can only lead to our downfall.

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