Friday, February 3, 2012

Once again, the 'pro-choice' crowd shows how anti-choice it is

Congratulations (sort of) to the Susan G. Komen Center for its decision to rescind funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest provider of abortions. It's always been a puzzling contradiction that Komen would donate even one dime to PP, given Komen's dedication to ending breast cancer and the fact that even one abortion in the first trimester increases a woman's chance for breast cancer dramatically. Ostensibly, Komen's donations were to fund breast exams and mammograms. But most PP clinics don't provide these. They provide contraception, STD screenings and abortions (and they intentionally withhold information from women about the grave physical dangers of abortion).

Komen is defunding PP (for now) because of an ongoing Congressional criminal investigation into Planned Parenthood for allegedly using federal funds to provide abortions, which violates the law. Other investigations surround Planned Parenthood's turning a blind eye to the sex trafficking of minors, including a PP worker caught on tape advising an undercover "pimp" on how to procure abortions for his 14-year-old "sex slaves." But the Susan G. Komen organization has stated it hopes to resume funding PP once the investigations are complete (and in the meantime, it continues to fund Planned Parenthood of Southern New England and other grants that have already been approved). This is nothing to cheer about.

But the damage may be done. The blistering backlash against Komen from the "pro choice" crowd is replete with threats to withhold donations to Komen going forward. Allegations include the usual: Komen is not concerned with a woman's right to choose; Komen is against poor women who wouldn't otherwise receive healthcare; Komen is the devil incarnate.

How nice if Planned Parenthood's worshipers knew the truth. PP was founded by Margaret Sanger - the same racist woman who praised the Ku Klux Klan and Hitler's eugenics plan for exterminating "inferior races". In 1939 Sanger started the Negro Project to reduce the black population to achieve, in her words, "racial purification". Today a substantially disproportionate number of PP clinics reside in poor areas where the black population is highest, and percentage-wise, the vast majority of abortions are performed on black women. According to, the black population is the only population in decline in America. As Pastor Clenard Childress, Jr., so hauntingly put it, "The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb."

Another truth is that even if every PP clinic were shut down today (we can only pray) not one economically disadvantaged woman would be denied access to healthcare. Period. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there are already close to 8,000 taxpayer-supported health centers nationally (outnumbering PP clinics by about 10 to 1!) that provide much more thorough care for low-income women than PP offers. Since even defunding PP entirely wouldn't leave women in a lurch, losing Komen's comparatively small funding would do nothing to hurt women.

Yet the blatant, unapologetic hypocrisy displayed by the "pro-choice" crowd goes unabated. They just cannot accept that not everyone shares their views. They claim to be pro-choice, but they demonize anyone for choosing something not in accordance with their death-culture worldview. If the people at Susan G. Komen feel it's prudent to withhold funding while investigations are underway lest they be embroiled in a potential legal case, isn't that their choice?

If the so-called pro-choice group really is pro-choice, then they need to know choice is a two-way street, even if they disagree with the choice being made.  It's called tolerance -- something this crowd loves to preach. Maybe it's time they admit that they're not actually pro-choice. They're just pro-abortion. And God have mercy on anyone who disagrees.

Read more about Planned Parenthood's sketchy activities at Planned Parenthood doesn't deserve tax funds.

Amendment 12:15 p.m.: Susan G. Komen just announced it has reversed its decision and will continue to fund Planned Parenthood grants. Before this reversal, donations yesterday to Susan G. Komen were up 100%. Will Komen return the money donated to them yesterday by the pro-lifers who believed in them? Don't hold your breath.

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  1. Because Susan G Komen Foundation is about conquering breast cancer, I find it absurd that so many people were adamant about ceasing their donations to the foundation because of the decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. If the PP centers in this nation actually offered mammograms (as opposed to simply referring their clients to other agencies), I could understand the hype. But since the latter is the only involvement PP has in ending breast cancer, why didn't those who threatened to withhold their donations to Komen make push for Komen to start donating to the agencies that DO perform mammograms. The reaction of those who opposed Komen's decision is telling!