Wednesday, February 1, 2012

National debt set to hit $21.7 trillion under Obama by 2022. It must be Bush's fault.

The Congressional Budget Office just updated its budget outlook, and it doesn't look good. But is anyone surprised? According to the CBO, under President Obama’s policies, the national debt will rise to $21.665 trillion by 2022. If the mainstream media-fed masses could find a way to blame Bush for this, they probably will. That would almost be laughable if it weren't for the fact that these same people have and exercise the right to vote. That's how we got Obama - well, that and the zillions of dollars that people like George Soros and illegal foreign contributions gave to Obama's vote-purchase campaign in 2008.

As for the massive, record-setting debt we're accumulating under Obama, didn't he promise us that by the end of his first term he would cut our deficit in half and that if we got ObamaCare that "not one penny would be added to the national debt"? Can you imagine if that had been Bush caught in this lie? We'd never hear about anything other than that on every main media outlet in America.

Of course the media-fed masses who usually love blaming Bush for everything are onto their next spoon-fed line: it's because of corporate greed that we need to increase spending to the point of America's oblivion. But the problem is not greed, as in corporate greed, but in another type of greed: the kind of real greed that stems from a bloated sense of entitlement by the jealous, the lazy or the simply average. Some are envious of the successful, some are unwilling to work hard for their own success, and some simply haven't the talent or vision to reach astronomical financial success. They want it handed to them. How greedy is that?

Yet they continue to blame the corporations as the source of all their angst despite that U.S. corporations provide the jobs people claim they want. These same corporations then pay the world's highest taxes at 35%, and then stockholders are taxed an additional 15% on the dividends (remember...stockholders are largely people in the middle class). How is it that some people still wonder why business operations move out of the U.S.?

While the angry anti-business crowd demands corporate demise, the federal government continues its own war on business. Let's pray neither gets victory in this battle. After all, once they succeed in driving every business out of business, who will the government get its money from to distribute to the masses? Who will the 'masses' blame then for their own misery? Maybe those salivating for the "greedy corporate hounds" to get their comeuppance should be careful what they wish for. If they get what they're demanding - essentially equality of poverty - it won't be a pretty sight for anyone.

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  1. It would be refreshing to find a public school or university that would actually teach these basics. It's so simple. If one were to go to a certain store and see a computer for a certain price, then find a store that is selling the same computer for $100 less, what store would they go to? And if this continued with every item in each store, which store would go out of business. If anyone answers by saying the second store, than we're in bigger trouble than I thought!

    I love your blog, Ms. Szydlowski. It is refreshing to read from somebody who has obviously done their homework. Have you considered teaching?