Tuesday, February 28, 2012

President's apology to Afghanistan people puts our troops at risk

After two innocent U.S. soldiers were murdered in retaliation for the burning of some Korans in Afghanistan, President Obama did what he does best. He apologized on behalf of all of America to the Afghan president and Muslim leaders. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter joined the President in the humble pie-feast, offering up mea culpas to Afghanistan's people for any offense they felt at seeing the Korans burned.

The administration made little attempt to explain the issue. Though it was discovered that enemy prisoners were sending secret messages written in the Korans (which in itself is contrary to Islam rules on desecration), our president's first order of business was not to explain why the books were disposed of this way by the soldiers, but rather he jumped at the chance to express our own shame for causing offense. Apparently murdering our own American citizens in response is not offensive to this president as he has yet to demand an apology from Afghanistan for that. Instead, by freely offering America's guilt as a country, he set our troops up as huge targets for revenge.

Since then, at least five U.S. soldiers are dead as a result of this revenge, while the violence continues to skyrocket. Shouts of "Death to America" and burning U.S. flags fill the streets. But our President remains committed to his policy of appeasement. After all, we wouldn't want to offend anyone who despises our country and is killing our own troops, now would we.

In perfect timing, the President's proverbial bowing to a vehemently anti-American country coincides with his proposed cuts to defense spending. The cuts don't so much come from bringing the troops home, but rather they'll be paid for in part by specifically targeting the troops, their families, and military retirees who'll be forced to pay much, much more for their healthcare. Not surprisingly, the unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits will remain unchanged.

Since Obama is so good at apologizing, maybe his next one should be to the U.S. troops who give everything for our country, and yet get so little in return from their own Commander in Chief.

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  1. Thank you! This traitor has got to go.

  2. Can you imagine the non-stop negative coverage that would take place if this were a Republican President? I am not claiming an affiliation with either party...I am an Independent. I am sickened by the ignorance of the mainstream. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that stated: "I think, therefore I am a Liberal." Really????

  3. That bumper sticker makes my stomach turn. I've rarely had a conversation with a 'liberal' who actually can defend their positions and yet I meet liberals all the time who drag out the same tired cliches like "republicans just want tax breaks for the wealthy" and "I like the Obama healthcare so we don't have to pay for it anymore" and other such nonsense. Give me a break. They should look around at all the filthy rich liberals in congress, and the filthy rich Americans who vote democrat and what the Democratic controlled congress under Bush did to affect the middle class Americans and capitalism There should be a whole article on just that.