Monday, February 20, 2012

Obama loves the Bible...when it suits his agenda

At the recent National Prayer Day Breakfast speech, President Obama referenced biblical scripture, saying that Jesus would approve of "tax the rich" schemes in order to "spread the wealth". Jesus clearly spread messages of love, charity, justice and truth, but it's hard to pinpoint any passages that show He was a socialist advocating the forceful taking of property from one to give to another.

Jesus' lessons of love and helping one's neighbor resonated in the human heart, and from that sprung charity. For centuries humans have helped each other in times of need without being compelled against their will to do so. That is the spirit of freely given love that Christ taught and that humans practice by nature.

In no other part of the world has this generosity been more evident than in America. Though welfare and unemployment benefits have their rightful place to an extent, before they became so common, neighbors and family could turn to one another when times got tough. And when disaster strikes anywhere in the world, America is always a first responder, and the first place the world turns to for help. That is our fundamental nature, the generosity rooted in Jesus' teachings.

For the President of the United States to exploit the Bible to justify his own political agenda of unjust wealth redistribution -- and then deny American Catholics the right to live their Bible-rooted faith by forcing them to provide contraception and other services they deem evil -- is not only the height of hypocrisy, but the ultimate rejection of Christ's teachings.

It is not the government's place to tell citizens their faith can be practiced within the confines of a building during Sunday Mass, but nowhere else during the rest of the week. True followers of Christ are asked to live His word and spread it throughout their daily lives. The government is essentially telling us to ignore our faith and keep our mouths shut on the matter anytime we are outside the safe haven of a physical church. That is not religious liberty. It is a government abusing its power to coerce citizens into submission.

It's a shame our President uses the Bible as his own personal tool to sell his bill of socialist goods, and then denies the rest of us our right to live by the same Book's teachings.

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